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Before the construction we developed the operational concept and interaction design. The goal was a superb usability and user experience. After the pre-test of the prototype we began with the implementation phase. To ensure platform independence, the software has been developed using ActionScript 3.0 and Adobe AIR.
For the construction of our multitouch-table we've used the Rear-DI technology. The construction of the table began as 3D model and was then handed to the joinery of the University Furtwangen. After the construction the table was equipped with infrared emitters, a EyeToy camera, an Ikea glass plate, a short-throw projector and a computer running Windows 7.
We evaluated the software and the operating concept qualitative as we were facing the usability (SUS test) and the acceptability of the table compared to the conventional method using a order menu. Especially we centered the possibility of favourisation of the food and the wine recommendation in our research on group support systems.
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The Good Choice Table project arose during the summer term 2011 in the master course Digital Media Sciences at Hochschule Furtwangen University.

Participating students: BA Gregory Igelmund, B.Sc. Matthias Kutscher, B.Sc. Marion Schubert, B.A. Maximilian Wambach.

Supervising professor: Prof. Dr. Wolfang Maass

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